Joel Arthur MooreJ. Arthur Moore
Published Author, Educator
Readers' Favorite and Mom's Choice Award


“I found the series to be very interesting. I enjoyed the excitement and suspense and couldn’t put it down. I just finished studying about the Civil War and found these books to be an excellent supplement to my studies. They were very historically accurate down to the smallest details. These books showed the harsh reality of the Civil War. They also showed the great sacrifices made by our countrymen so that we may enjoy the freedom we have today. I would really recommend this story to kids my age and to anyone who likes adventure and is interested in learning more about the Civil War.”

Isaac Sassa 
age 14

“I highly recommend this series of four historical novels… I believe that books such as these are an important way of preserving our national heritage and bringing it to life for the students in our schools. They can relate to the experiences and perspective of Duane Kinkade as he lives through the central event in our national history, the American Civil War.”

Paul Sanborn
Freedoms Foundation
Nominated for the Freedoms Foundation Award

“The final revelation where Blake and Matthew discover the truth about their connection is an incredibly powerful moment, arguably the defining point of the story.”

Hollywood Coverage, recommendation for a Feature Film

The regiments and their histories in these books are real, the events did happen.