Blake's Story

Blake Bradford
Jimmy Dickson
Timothy Sanderson
Christopher Jamison
Beverly McDonald
Matthew Mills
Todd Johnson
Aiden Larken
Tyler Chase

Blake’s Story, Revenge and Forgiveness

Written by J. Arthur Moore and Bryson B. Brodzinski
Created by Bryson B. Brodzinzki

Blake’s Story is an intriguing story about humanity in a time of war. Young Civil War soldiers realize that their enemies are real people just like them. If it weren’t for the war, they could be friends. So it is that Blake Bradford, a young Confederate soldier who is in the war to find and kill the Union soldier who killed his father at Shiloh, falls into the hands of the enemy when he is wounded at Perryville. But the young Federal soldiers who recover him from the battlefield and take him into their company and protect him and get treatment for him, become close friends. In battle at Richmond and Perryville in Kentucky and Stones River in Tennessee, young Blake comes face to face with the horrors of war and the gutwrenching destruction and aftermath of battle with its loss of life and of friends, wounded and killed. He no longer wants to kill Yanks. He just wants to go home.

A close Union friend gets orders to take the boy home, orders that are signed by his captain and his commanding general. On the way, as they pass through a Confederate camp, the Confederate general hears about the two and their journey and goes to meet them. He reads the orders. “I am grateful fer sumthin good in this horrid affair an wish you both God speed on a safe journey. I’m pleased ta hav met ya.” He co-signs their orders adding, “To any who meet these boys in the execution of this order, you are instructed to assist them in any way.”

For those who believe in humanity and goodness in the human spirit, in spite of the horrors of war, Blake’s Story, Revenge and Forgiveness is a must read. Of special interest, the plot line was created and written by the 11-year-old great-grandson of the author. Also of interest, those who experience the story with Blake Bradford will be experiencing history as it happened. The regiments in the story and their histories are real. The events of the story are researched for historic accuracy.

“This was a horrific war that reached out to every US citizen in some way but to see it through a child’s eyes was a very different experience and a very impressive one. It gives insight into the real experience.” Iris A. Coffin, Amzazon review

“Viewing the war from a child’s perspective, a member of the army no less, gave me a new understanding of what really went on during the Civil War.” Lorena Sanqui 5-star review for Readers’ Favorites


“The new book will appeal to young teenagers who are interested in learning a little more about the Civil War as seen through the eyes of one of their peers. Blake’s experiences are based upon extensive historical research and are rooted in the actual movements and actions of the regiments involved in the storyline. The book flows well and should be easy to read and comprehend for its intended teenage audience. Rated at four or five stars by various on-line reviewers, it would make a fine gift for the younger Civil War reader.”

Scott Mingus, reviewer, author of Civil War non-fiction research

“I found your book very interesting and educational. I have learned a lot about the Civil War through your books. I find them much more exciting than a dry history textbook. It was inspiring to see how Blake was bitter toward the enemy for killing his father, but in the end he actually met the man who killed his father and forgave him. It is a story of bitterness and anger, which turns into forgiveness and friendship.”

Isaac Sassa, age 14